Sasza Blonder / André Blondel, the Group of Krakow and the school of Paris painter. Marc Blondel is at the origin of this site devoted to his father he’s unfortunately too little known.

The project aims to fill gaps in the biography of the artist, including his Polish period, and to make known and promote the institutions a work currently dispersed around the world in museums and collections private.

This site has no commercial purposes. It carries the two names of the painter: Blonder, his birth name in Poland, and Blondel, the one he wears in 1943 in France, his adopted country.


Born on May 3, 1909, in Tchortkov/Czortkow (Poland, region of Ternopol, eastern Galicia, today Western Ukraine) in a family of Jewish merchants.

1928: First stay in Paris.

1930-32: Ecole national Supérieure of Fine Arts of Paris (Section Architecture)…

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